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BaRum Srl: State-of-the-art technology combined with fine workmanship in the manufacturing of stainless steel products

BaRum Srl is for the Petrolchemisty industry: excellence for one of the most articulate of industries.

23 marzo 2010

Stainless steel, possessing high resistance, suprising ductility and an unimaginable preciousness, is without doubt one the metals best representing the contemporary.
Once again, we speak of the company BaRum of Caltagirone (CT). The company, stemming out of a long tradition of craftsmanship, is today one of the few companies in all of Sicily able to provide state-of-the-art cutting, forming and working of steel. This is possible not only because of the special machinery used but, in particular, in virtue of the company's entrepreneurial ideas: young, dinamic, always ready to invest in new ideas and on their know-how. BaRum Srl knows its market and is ready and willling to suit its needs.

BaRum Srl is already known for its excellent workmanship in the furniture sector and in the design of stainless steel. However, we can now speak of another sector in which the company can boast its exclusivity in the Sicilian region and is known as of the few in Italy dealing with the realization of pressurized cabins for various uses and open shelters for the petrolchemical industry.
The petrolchemical industry is surely one of the most complex and articulate. The machinery used in this sector must be totally certified - all parts, both major and minor. This because of the strict co-relation between the factory and the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is clear that every single component within the factory must possess quality and prowess. BaRum Srl is one the leaders in Italy for the manufacturing of what is know as "Analysis Cabins" in the petrolchemical industry, these are containers which have an air treatment system, pressurization, climate control as well as being explosion-proof.

The manufacturing of these cabins can be made to possess various specifications, according to the customer's request. Production of these cabins can be both made in a series or custom-built. The latter is designed taking into account its use, paying particular attention to details, for example, the climatic zone where the cabinet will be installed. These cabinets can be defined as unique.
Another element essential for the petrolchemical industry is pressurized cabinets, located in areas of risk, used to safely store instruments such as transformers, generators, process analyzers, mobile workshops, etc.
BaRum Srl takes particular care at choosing the materials used in the different stages of production as well as making sure the finished product reaches the custormer within the delivery time agreed upon. The company is in a position to guarantee quality-price in its products and does not fear the competition. It is for these reasons that its products can be found all over the world: Canada, Northern Europe, Iraq, Singapore ad Morocco.

BaRum Srl is a model to follow in manufacturing in Sicily and possibly in the rest of the world!

BaRum S.r.l.
Contrada Santa Maria di Poggiarelli, s.n Rustico n°3
Zona Industriale - Caltagirone (CT)
Tel. 093340512 - 093350145
Fax. 0933 40513

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23 marzo 2010
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