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Lava Stone of 'Etna , Paving, Basole, Slabs, Tiles,
Vertical and horizontal cladding, Furnishings, Decor port.
The Scud Lava Ltd. is a company that follows a family tradition handed down through 3 generations in which include 50 years of experience in the stone industry. Today, the Scud Lava Ltd. is one of the most important industrial area of Belper detected, a company that has used as its driving force behind the evolution of development local expertise, transforming one area of volcanic rock , mostly from artisan industry.
The lava stone ..
Over the millennia, to the destructive fury of ' Etna has been matched by the tenacity and the ability of populations of Etna, who have always rebuilt what the volcano has been gradually destroyed. It 's just the lava, which are causing havoc, you are known not only to obtain raw materials for construction and reconstruction, but also works of art and ingenuity. The basalt erupted from Etna, in fact, was bent on the ability and imagination to all the needs of local aesthetic occurred over the millennia. In eighteenth-century rebuilding of eastern Sicily, after the earthquake of 1663, concentrates the highest expression of architectural use of Etna basalt with the masterpieces of baroque Catania, the current face of the historic center of Catania.
 The extraction and processing of lava has had a remarkable reflection on the local economy, the number of employees and the high specialization required, so as to give rise to real trades.
Even today, the decline of traditional usage, determined by modern building types, we see a significant effort to convert production to current market demands. It refers to new technologies for the extraction and processing of lava rock and the new technology of ceramic coating. This leads to the production of furnishings for bathrooms and kitchens, tile flooring and interior and exterior, which give the typical Sicilian decors and in particular the ceramics of Caltagirone.
especially in town centers is pointing to restructuring within the constraints imposed by Commons and the Superintendency, which, overall, leads to a resumption of the use of lava rock.
Etna Basalt is a durable, decorative and expressive, it lends itself to working for the construction of objects for decoration and for pieces of street furniture .
The basalt Etna is a stone product of particular robustness and beauty, from the aesthetic characteristics, strength and workability superior to other materials basalt.
The appearance of the basalt Etnean varies from dark color fairly uniform, with a tapped with points one, two or three different colors.
Its origin is related to the cooling process of lava flows , in very specific environmental conditions. In view of the fact that the new cast end up damaging the cover or earlier, we can say that the Etna basalt, while constituting a renewable resource, is available in limited quantities.
Our craftsmen work in the lava were able to take and highlight the splendor and strength. The rural housing developments attest to the ancient, old millstones and stone, the eighteenth-century villas with magnificent portals and balconies, streets, squares and cobbled streets that characterize urbanistically countries Etnei and the City of Catania: all items became subject to the rediscovery District project, the lava.
Formerly the "pirriaturi", extracted along the ridges of the mountain, only the superficial layers of lava (foam) because it is more porous and more easily worked with simple tools such as chisel, the chisel, mallet and a hammer. In some cases we made ​​use of explosives.
Today, the extraction is done with the help of mechanical shovels, bulldozers and excavators (pneumatic hammer) that can reach deep layers where the lava is denser, harder and lighter in color. For the cutting of the rock slabs using the machinery with diamond discs (sawmills) which allow to obtain prisms of various sizes. The process is facilitated by the use of other tools and equipment: drill, flex, drill and sander. The machining of the stone did not rule out entirely the work of finishing the work of craftsmen stonemasons.



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