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Monreale Experience

60,00 €

The city of Monreale is one of the most sought after tourist destinations by travelers visiting beautiful northern Sicily, the history of Monreale is long and cloaked in legend. In fact, it is said that William I, the Norman king of Sicily, fell asleep under a carob tree after a hunting trip. In a dream the Madonna appeared to him and showed him the place where a treasure was hidden with which he was supposed to build his church, called Santa Maria Nuova. The interior of the church is a Latin cross with three naves, divided by 18 columns in marble decorated with various capitals. The cathedral of Monreale is known throughout the world for its mosaics: an area of ​​over 6,000 square meters and over 130 Byzantine mosaics that adorn the church and depict episodes from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the lives of the saints. In the center of the church, in the apse, the large mosaic of Christ Pantocrator stands out. The tour continues with a visit to the belvedere, a public garden from which it is possible to admire the Conca d'Oro, the plain where Palermo and its entire city are inserted underground. This plain is so called for the colors of its fruits, mainly citrus fruits, which have golden reflections. The tour ends with the culinary refreshment on the typical products of Monreale which include the very famous cannoli, almond paste and Sicilian cassata.


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