B & B Sea of Augusta - Travel – Vindicari

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B & B Sea of ​​Augusta - Travel – Vindicari

The Nature Reserve Wildlife Oasis Vendicari expanded to 1,500 hectares is anature reserve which is located in the province of Siracusa, Noto, and specifically between Marzamemi, particularly important for the presence of marshes that serve as a resting place in bird migration. Within the reserve there are severalarchaeological sites and architectural. You can indeed find traces of an oldtank-storage plant for fish processing, alongside which we have discovered a smallcemetery. The reserve is a coastal wetland of high biological value for thepresence of different habitats: the rocky coast, sandy coast, Mediterranean,swamps (brackish and freshwater), salt marshes, scrubland and cultivated areas.The salt, in particular, had economic importance for a long time, certainly in supportof a major tuna whose first plants date from the fifteenth century, of which you can admire the remains. There are four entrances to the reserve, an area in Eloro, aquarry in the area of the Flies, where there is the famous beach of Cala Flies,TorreSveva height of the main entrance, where there is the main beach and the reserve Maccari to the Citadel (home of the settlement of which is a Byzantinetemple and necropolis). Numerous species of birds resting in Vendicari: waders,herons, storks, flamingos and, moreover, mallards, gulls, cormorants and the knight of Italy who stop here on its journey from the desert Sahara to nesting grounds in northern Europe. The month of December is the best for bird watching. The reserveis a 20 minute drive from Noto and 45 from Syracuse.


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