Beb Sea of Augusta ... sea sea sea!

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Beb Sea of Augusta ... sea sea sea!
Visitors love Augusta particularly the Mediterranean, the creeks and the hospitable beaches that dot the coast, near the coast there are small hills that rise iblei overlooking the sea (Monte Tauro, Monte Pergola, Monte Adonai), creatingto breathtaking shows characterized by high cliffs that form deep inlets similar to the Norwegian fjords, and even the so-called "green water" among the wonders of the city, the beach of Grace, the "Sbarcatore" and much more.
To see the note Agnone Bagni village, nestled in the bay, with an extended beach and a beautiful panorama that sweeps up the slopes of Etna, is no less the seaside town of Brucoli, combining idyllic and unspoiled views and historic buildings value, as the seventeenth-century fortress built to defend the magazine and the local castle.
Strolling along the beach or lie down on a hot rock, caressed by the sun, but also admire the town from the bay and imagine the passing of centuries on the shores of Sicily, is even more pleasant thanks to the heavenly atmosphere of the region: here the Mediterranean climate gives temperatures pleasing and many hours of sunshine, in fact the mean values of January range from a minimum of 8 ° C to a maximum of 14 ° C, those of July ranging from 23 ° C to 31 ° C. Rainfall is almost absent in July and August, and touch the peak in January, when it rains an average of 9 days total.
With a climate so favorable to party also becomes easier, because at Augusta successive month to month the cultural, religious celebrations and recreational events of fun and good food. Among the missed opportunities are the Patron Saints day the week before May 24, Holy Week in Augusta, the feast of St. Joseph on the third Sunday after Easter and the Feast of the Sacred Heart on the last Sunday of June.

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